School Visits

Put That Plot on Paper!

Kids have creative ideas all the time. Sometimes they just need help learning how to get a story out of their head and into their hands. In this workshop, we’ll learn the recipe for a successful story; 3 cups intriguing characters, 1 inciting incident, 2 cups conflict, and a resolution added at the end. Your students will walk away with a delicious outline for their very own novel!
45 mins

Publishing 101

How does an idea in your head become a book in your hands? Here, I’ll teach the ins and outs of publishing. Then, we’ll discuss the logistics of how to get a book published after you’ve written it down. I’ll even share the 3 R’s of publishing: rejection (every writer has them), revisions (nothing is ever perfect on the first try), and rejoicing (when all your hard work pays off)!
45 mins

Put That Plot on Paper + Publishing 101

Combine these two workshops for a powerful presentation on writing and publishing.
1.5 hours

What A Character!

Creating realistic characters is one of the most exciting things about writing. Bringing your characters to life is easier than you think. Using my proprietary character questionairre, students will learn to create unique, dynamic characters that really draw a reader into the story. After their characters are fully developed, students will find ways for their new-found characters to interact with each other… and the beginnings of a book are formed!
45 minutes

Thinking About Themes

In this workshop, we’ll use my debut novel, RUBY REINVENTED, as a launching point to discuss how themes play a part in stories.

When 12-year-old Ruby Miller learns that her BFF’s are only friends with her because of her famous parents, she finds a place far from celebrity-crazy Hollywood--a Maine boarding school. In her panic to distance herself from her star-studded folks, Ruby tells her new friends that she’s an orphan. She feels awful lying to her weird but wonderful roommate Summer (the first real friend Ruby has ever had), but not awful enough. In fact, now that nobody’s comparing her to her award-winning parents, Ruby can finally let her own talents as a dress designer take center stage. But when Ruby finds herself connecting with a boy who really did lose his parents, she’s torn between who she is and who she’s pretending to be. And with Parent’s Weekend approaching, she must find a way to keep her secret... without losing her new best friend, the trust of her first crush, and the chance to shine as the designer of her own fashion show.

We’ll ponder themes such as,

  1. Honesty
  2. Friendship
  3. Staying true to yourself

45 minutes

Skype visits available!

Rates for School Visits

$200 for 1 presentation
$500 for half day (3 presentations)
$1000 for full day (5 presentations plus lunch-time meet-and-greet and book signing)

Schools that commit to ordering a minimum of:
25 books receive a 25% discount
50 books receive a 50% discount
100 books receive a free school visit

All presentations include:

I’m happy to:

Author in Residence Program (available to Northeastern US states only)

The Author in Residence Program brings me out to your school once a month for an entire school year! This monthly interaction allows students to engage in continuous hands­on work with a published author. Students will take writing techniques they’ve learned in the classroom and apply them to their own writing so that by the end of the school year, they will have finished their own novel while learning how to structure plot, create meaningful characters, and identify literary themes in their own work and in the works of others.

Learn more about this interactive program HERE.

Rates vary, depending on the number of students and the location of the school. Please contact me for more information!


Ronni’s visit to our school brought a great deal of wonder and appreciation for the life of an author. Students were captivated as she walked them through the writing process, from the inception of an idea to a published book. Not only did she invite the students to participate in her presentation, she inspired them to develop their ideas and a passion for writing. As ELA teachers, we were delighted to see that her presentation highlighted key reading and writing standards and objectives already outlined in our curriculum and dovetailed perfectly into our reading and writing units. We’d highly recommend any school open their doors and allow Ronni to show young writers how simple ideas can grow into fascinating stories with lovable characters. 
Lisa Freeman & Kelly Benner
6th Grade ELA
Great Valley Middle School — Malvern, PA

Thank you, Ronni, for coming to my 4th grade class! The students loved having the author of their favorite book, RUBY REINVENTED! Your explanation of the writing process and expert answers to their questions were truly valuable!!!
Amy Mercado
Unity Charter School — Morristown, NJ

Ronni Arno's novels capture the challenges and joys of the middle school mind in a manner that inspires even my most reluctant readers. The same can be said for her school visits. Her interactive workshop engaged every one of my students. They gained a deep understanding of the writing process and were able to apply those techniques immediately to create a piece of writing that they were eager to share! A wonderful experience for students and faculty alike.
Kimberly Kirstein
5th Grade ELA
George Washington Middle School — Wayne, NJ

Ronni Arno wowed the Conners Emerson 6th grade students with her easy manner and entertaining and interactive writing workshops. She met with our 6th graders and had the students engaged for their entire 80 minute ELA block. She also was flexible to work with. Melding two of her presentations, she was able to tailor her workshop to our curriculum. After her visit, her books stayed circulating for months, with the students begging for more Ronni Arno titles. If Ronni Arno had more published titles, our hungry readers would have snapped them up.  With bated breath, we are awaiting her next book and school visit.
Siobhan Ryan
Conners Emerson School — Bar Harbor, ME

Please contact me to schedule a school visit.