FAQ’s from Young Readers

What gave you the idea for RUBY REINVENTED?

I thought it would be interesting to combine two very interesting, yet different places, like Hollywood and Maine. I wondered how a girl who grew up in Hollywood would do in a quiet New England town. Would she feel like she fit in? Would she want people to know she had famous parents, or would she be embarrassed? Would she have friends? Would people like her? RUBY REINVENTED was born out of all those questions.

Have you ever lived in Hollywood?

Yes, I lived there for a few years after college. I worked for a public relations agency, so I had the chance to go to movie premieres, work with celebrities, and even get to know a few. The talented people I met were very nice. I learned that celebrities are just like everyone else; some are kind and generous, some are self-centered and aloof. People are people, even famous ones!

Have you ever lived in Maine?

Yes, I live there now! I’ve visited lots of places in the world, and Maine is one of my most favorite.

Do you know a lot about fashion?

Before writing RUBY REINVENTED, I knew very little about fashion. I barely get dressed up, and when I do I wear black because I figure it matches everything! Most of the time, you’ll see me in jeans, t-shirts, and hiking boots. The fun thing about writing is that I get to explore things that I don’t know about in my every-day life. So I learned a bit about fashion while writing this book (although I still can’t put my own outfits together very well)!

What gave you the idea for DEAR POPPY?

I thought it would be interesting for a 12-year-old girl to learn what her mom was like when she was her age. Kids see their parents as parents, and not necessarily as people who were once kids themselves. Have you ever thought about what your parents were like when they were your age? Have you ever wondered if you would have been friends with your parents if they were your peers? DEAR POPPY explores those questions.

Did you get to design your covers?

No, thankfully! I’m not a very good artist. I can barely draw stick figures, I always lose at Pictionary, and my parents didn’t save any of my childhood artwork. Although they did save some of my childhood stories! Lucky for me Ruby's cover art was designed by the talented Lucy Truman, and Poppy's cover art was designed by the amazing Stevie Lewis.

Did you always want to be a writer?

Pretty much. Although there were moments where I wanted to be an archaeologist, a movie star, and a professional baseball player, too. But mostly, I wanted to write books. I started college as a Creative Writing major, but switched my major after Freshman year because I didn’t think a writing degree was practical. Looking back, I wish I had believed in my dream; only because then I could have started sooner! The lesson here? Follow your dreams. Even if they aren’t always practical.

I want to be a writer when I grow up. What can I do now?

Read a lot... and write a lot! Take a creative writing class, or start a creative writing club at your school. It’s never too early to start!

Do you have any other books out that I can read?

RUBY REINVENTED came out in November of 2015, and DEAR POPPY came out in October of 2016. BEST. NIGHT. EVER. (co-written with six awesome authors) comes out in August of 2017, and MOLLY IN THE MIDDLE comes out in the Fall of 2017.